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Patient Resources

At Back On Track we value our time spent with our clients, however we also like to provide them with useful information to help them manage their injuries and more importantly prevent them from coming back.

Ski season is not too far away. Now is the time to get in shape! Click here for some pre season exercises to get you sorted!

Please click here for some of our Basic Pregnancy Exercises for you to try. If you require any further advice please don't hesitate to contact us and you can discuss further with an experienced physio.

Click here for some basic pilates exercises to get you started. Remember that we have many classes running throughout the week if more supervised sessions are more your thing.

Back pain is one of the most common grievances that can hold you back from getting on with your daily life. We have included a resource from Physiotherapy NZ about how to care for your back.

Ankle sprains are a very common lower limb injury. We have further information on ankle sprain management, prevention and some exercises to help get you going

Are you sitting correctly at your desk? Incorrect seated posture can cause a multitude of aches and pains which can have an immense impact on your life, both at and away from work. Sorting out your workstation only takes a few minutes- your body will thank you!

Click here to find out about how to set up your workstation.

Working in the construction industry is tough and physically demanding. The industry has some of the highest rates of work place injuries in New Zealand (1). The prevalence of low back injuries among construction workers is as high as 54% (2). Back injury may result in disability or time away from work, which has detrimental effects on the employer, the employee and their colleagues.

Click here for info on preventing injuries on site.

Click here for  a warm up and stretch programme for Builders